THUNDER TIGER MTA-4 S50 SE Item No. 6229-F

THUNDER TIGER MTA-4 S50 SE Item No. 6229-F
THUNDER TIGER MTA-4 S50 SE Item No. 6229-F THUNDER TIGER MTA-4 S50 SE Item No. 6229-F THUNDER TIGER MTA-4 S50 SE Item No. 6229-F THUNDER TIGER MTA-4 S50 SE Item No. 6229-F
Brand: Thunder Tiger
Product Code: THUNDER TIGER MTA-4 S50 SE Item No. 6229-F
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Wheelbase(mm / in.) (368mm)14.5 in
Weight(g/ lbs.) (5860g)12.91Ibs.
Length(mm / in.) (615mm)24.2 in
Width(mm / in.) (438mm)17.2 in
Height(mm / in.) (273mm)10.7 in
Ground Clearance(mm / in.) (108mm)4.25 in
Drive train/Pulley ratio  
Engine PRO-50BK



RTR Contents
Fully factory assembled chassis with complete ACE RC COUGAR P3 2.4GHz-3CH R/C system installed. Thunder Tiger PRO-50BK (8.00 cc) engine mounted. Pre-cut body with complete printing and decals applied.Thunder Tiger’s Pro-Start handheld R/C engine starter included. Simply plug the battery in and insert the 6mm starter shaft into the shaft drive backplate equipped engine, pull the trigger and GO! Batteries not included.




Heavy Pounding Against Rivals
Inheriting the identical combative blood of original MTA4 S50, the MTA-4 SLEDGE HAMMER S50 Special Edition equips with a massive 8.0cc (.50ci) shaft start engine which is recognized as the most powerful monster truck engine in history that produces insane ground-pounding power to smash the fighting strength of its opponents. Besides, factory assembled with 2-speed automatic transmission with reverse and specially designed all-terrain monster truck tires, the MTA-4 S50 SE runs very smoothly on any rugged landforms.
Moreover, if seeing the delicate structure inside closely, the shinning blue anodized aluminum tunnel chassis, eight blue aluminum oil-filled shocks absorbers and 15kg-torque metal-gear digital steering servo altogether bring out a frightening machine that totally dominates all other vehicles on Earth. Now get ready to experience the most luxury but belligerent monster truck ever! 
 (Recommended for intermediated to expert user)




1. DS1015 high torque and speedy digital steering servo included
2. PRO-50BK 8.0cc (.50ci) engine for insane power
3. New BLUE-anodized lightened aluminum tunnel chassis
4. The 2-speed automatic transmission with reverse has improved durability to handle the massive power
5. New special edition monster truck bodies
6. Super heavy-duty 4-shoe aluminum clutch
7. New 8 BLUE-anodized aluminum oil-filled shocks
8. Wheelie bar with integrated roller makes pulling off the ultimate wheelie easily
9. Improved carburetor design makes tuning easier and holds tune longer
10.New heavy-duty brake disc and pad
11.Specially designed high-grip, off-road monster truck tires
12.3-Channel 2.4GHz radio system included
13.Pro-Start engine starting system, Glow Igniter and Fuel Bottle included
14. Internal Gear Ratio: 1st gear: 2.46. 2nd gear: 1.70.










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