Corona Synthesized Receiver 6Ch 35Mhz

Corona Synthesized Receiver 6Ch 35Mhz
Product Code: Corona Synthesized Receiver 6Ch 35Mhz
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Throw away your crystals, say goodbye to glitches! The new Corona synthesized receiver is here!
This unit will work with existing Synthesized transmitters or crystal transmitters. In fact the accuracy of this receiver will improve the performance of all 35mhz crystal transmitters.

The new technology put into the synthesized series of Coron receivers is truely outstanding and will certainly make you think twice about upgrading to a more expensive 2.4GHz.
Take a look at Coronas website for more details;

Sensitivity about 2.0ìV
Selectivity ±8kHz at 65dB down
Number of channels 1-6
Filtering Dual turned RF circuitry
Filtering Dual 4 pole ceramic filter
Filtering DSP filtering with mild algorithm
Shift polarity Positive or negative (auto-detect)
Case Shrink wrap
Operating Voltage 4.8V~6.0VDC
Operating Current 20mA
Modulate FM/PPM(pulse position modulation)

*(version2) unit has been revised with the following resolutions;
-Increased binding with various branded radios.
-Corrected servo locking issue.
-Corrected Channel 2 jitter issue when used with certain Transmitters.
*The image shows Dual conversion, on the package. The image is of the beta-version which had the wrong packaging. We will update images soon.


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